From Enviro Hospital Complexes to Interlocking Architecture

 - Sep 6, 2011
Here's hoping you never have to experience any of these innovative and creative health centers up close. The health care industry is rapidly modernizing. Everything from equipment to procedures is advancing at an amazing rate. Hospitals are starting to catch up, with new hospitals being designed to be as cutting-edge as the procedures performed in them.

Hospital innovation comes in many forms. Some hospitals are revamping their infrastructure to be more eco-friendly such as the LEED-certified Lagunda Honda hospital in California. Other hospitals are modernizing their decor to fit the wants of their patients such as the Hello Kitty maternity ward in Taiwan. Perhaps the most future-forward hospital here is the one that ditched its real-life nurses for robotic ones. Out of all of the innovative and creative health centers here that one is bound to be the creepiest/most efficient. It's a delicate balance.