From Tasty Treat Technology to Naughty Cupcake Bras

 - Jun 19, 2011
If you love cupcakes but fear their fattening powers, these inedible cupcake creations are perfect for you. Each of these cupcakes looks good enough to eat, but shouldn't unless you want to taste soap, plastic or cloth.

I never realized how inspiring cupcakes could be until I saw all of these inedible cupcake creations. Everyone from fashion designers to Katy Perry has been inspired by the sinfully sweat treat. Katy Perry's cupcake bra may just be the greatest thing ever created.

If you are interested in filling your life with cupcakes without having to worry about filling your body up with fat, these inedible cupcake creations are just the ticket. If you prefer to actually eat your cupcakes, you probably want to click here.