46 Ways To Prepare For Hurricane Norbert

 - Oct 12, 2008
In the wake of news that Hurricane Norbert is getting ready to hit the Pacific Coast, it’s time for left coasters to batten down the hatches. If we’ve learned anything from Hurricane Katrina, Gustav, Fay, and Ike, it’s that hurricanes are prime opportunities for innovation.

Take the humble umbrella. In the past few years, it’s evolved from a fragile, constantly-inverting eyesore to an elegant, technologically advanced and even dependable tool. Some of these umbrellas even provide weather advisories--perfect for those off of Mexico’s Pacific Coast and Baja California who will soon feel Hurricane Norbert’s wrath.

Hurricanes have also inspired other creative efforts. There is a plethora of hurricane-inspired fashion appropriate for any weather conditions. And specially-designed rain galoshes ensure that no matter when Hurricane Norbert strikes, designer shoes won’t bear the brunt of bad weather. There is even hurricane-inspired photography for the art fiends out there.

As us left coasters get ready for Hurricane Norbert, enjoy these 47 hurricane-inspired inventions.