- May 17, 2011
Hipsters are one of the most maligned social groupings in our society today. It should be no surprise, then, that hipster comics are a popular medium used to poke fun and satirize the fixed-gear riding set.

This collection of animated work highlights bike-riding superheroes, rainbow hipster dream paintings, technicolor hipster art, hipster creature portraits, and even some of history's worst villains in various forms of satiric hipster comics. Viewed together, the collection makes for a good laugh at the different comic tropes popular among the hip (carbon footprint, forearm tattoos, Pabst Blue Ribbon), while also providing a loose insight into how what once was a small counterculture has developed into a major part of the mainstream.

Take a look through the gallery and see how many of these hipster comics contain tropes you have seen before, either on television, the Internet, or in person.

From Bike-Riding superheroes to Hipster Hitler: