From Touchscreen Compatible to Bluetooth Enabled

 - Dec 1, 2012
Winter and its finger-numbing temperatures are now here for a few months, but with these high-tech gloves, you can stay warm while using your favorite touchscreen devices.

Don't sacrifice a retweet or email reply for the sake of keeping your hands warm, because you can achieve both with the plethora of gloves that include finger tip modifications. Most of these gloves use conductive fingertips which make the ends of the gloves receptive to touch screens. However, the Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves actually have silver-coated nylon knit in the entire glove so hypothetically you could push down on any part of the glove and it will work on iPhones, Androids or tablets.

There is even a pair of Bluetooth gloves that allow you to hear out of your thumb and speak into your pinky finger as if you're holding a phone to your ear.