From Pop Culture Sports Apparel to Funky Feline Pajamas

 - May 21, 2013
Anyone who is a fan of the infamous cartoon kitty with the pretty pink hair bow will absolutely adore this collection of Hello Kitty apparel. Sometimes it simply isn't enough to collect pieces of memorabilia to put on your shelf, and wearing your favorite feline cat on your shirt or sneakers is a fantastic way to showcase your appreciation for this well-recognized character.

Originating from Japan, Hello Kitty has served to garner international attention and popularity due to its cute-as-a-button appearance and innocent demeanour. As a result, retailers are taking advantage of this popularity and using that iconic kitty image on everything from kicks to pajamas and wedding dresses. Wearing a piece of Hello Kitty apparel is a creative way to showoff your quirky personality, and especially your love for this adorable feline character.