From Alcoholic Coconut Water to Healthy Quinoa Whiskies

 - Sep 10, 2014
These health-conscious cocktail recipes make the act of indulging more responsible and beneficial for your body. While a night of drinking doesn't necessarily connect with health, these alternative cocktail recipes fuse alcohol with fresh and vitamin-enriched ingredients.

Standouts from this cocktail recipe list include the Diving Bell, an elderflower infused cocktail from Death to Sour Mix blog. The drink is infused with vermouth and gin and is garnished with fresh orange peels. In addition to this fresh recipe, another favorite from the list includes watermelon ginger sparklers from How Sweet Eats. This mocktail recipe is an alcohol-free alternative for drink lovers and is a great summer drink for all ages.

When enjoying an alcoholic beverage, balance is important and these health-conscious drink alternatives aim to transform the negative notions associated with a night of drinking.