From High Fashion Mouse Caps to Creepy Couture Keyholders

 - Jan 22, 2013
Haute couture is dominating the runways and the brands are known for their outlandish fashions, as well as their accessories. You can find tons of bizarre haute couture finds floating around the Internet.

For instance, there is a wide range of curious merchandise from hats to umbrellas. Fashion houses will design anything and everything. You can never count anything out and there is no such thing as something too eerie for haute couture. It is a fashion realm where anything goes. This playful list includes items such as Disney-inspired hats, cowhide phone cases and beetle-shaped sunglasses. There really isn't a theme too bizarre or an item out of reach.

Designers and labels are always looking to create new, exciting and inventive merchandise to stand out from the pack. This list of bizarre haute couture finds proves literally that anything goes.