These Gorey Halloween Treats are Terrifyingly Good

 - Oct 20, 2011
With the goriest night of the year just around the corner, these bloody edibles are the perfect Halloween treats to mark the occasion with. Our culture has taken to the zombie myth like no other. With annual zombie walks taking place all around the globe, it's clear that people don't just want to watch the zombie drama on TV, they want to act it out. There has also been a resurgence of vampire lore thanks to the success of Twilight and vampire wannabes that seem to be cropping up all over.

These two coexisting fads have given rise to a new kind of edible. Halloween goers are no longer content to chow down on the usual holiday fare. Modern Halloween lovers want as close to the real deal as possible. From candy scabs to fake blood beverages, these cannibalistic confections are sure to please any horror lover.

So, if you're on the look out for knock-out Halloween treats, look no further. These bloody edibles will have your guests screaming for more.