From Creepy Crawly Baked Goods to Morbid Cranium Cupcakes

 - Oct 11, 2012
Give your hair-raising celebrations a sweet dose of dessert with these Halloween cupcake ideas.

Cackle as your guests cringe with fear and delight as they witness your creepy confectionery creations. From morbid to adorable, these cupcake creations will make for wicked, sweet tricks and treats. Celebrate this year's haunting night with inspiration from these spine-chilling DIY recipes that are festive in their delicious bite-sized forms.

These strange sweets resemble creepy spiders, craniums and even parasites with their decorative toppings. Though they may petrify with their appearance, these eerie desserts actually feature mouth-watering icing and a spongy cake to please taste buds. Use these Halloween cupcake ideas for your midnight masquerade and to make for moonlit delights.