From Retro Coy Photoshoots to Ethereal Romance Editorials

 - Oct 19, 2012
These glamorous Grey Magazine spreads come from the headquarters of the growing New York-based publication. The Grey team has pioneered a new approach to fashion journalism, focusing on fiction, poetry and abstract art on top of its illuminating style reviews.

Retro coy photoshoots and ethereal romance editorials distinguishes Grey Magazine's artistic team as visionary and a near vanguard of innovative 21st century features. The brands stylists and cosmetic experts work to produce moving atypical productions, many of which choose to focus on minimalist styles.

Retro, upscale and sensual undertones spice up the pages of Grey Magazine. Its voracious appetite for change allows the monthly editions to keep pace with current posh themes, drawing readers into its growing group of devotees.