From Chorizo Caviar Pizzas to Fois Gras Street Meat Lunches

 - Jun 18, 2015
These gourmet fast food examples range from chorizo caviar pizzas to street meat lunches that ditch ketchup and relish toppings for a lavish garnish of fois gras. The modern foodie is not only experimental and curious but is also conscious of healthy ingredients and their benefits to a balanced lifestyle.

As our society's consumption of caloric fast food meals becomes more scarce, a focus on extreme taste and luxury is being adapted by fast food brands who aren't settling for healthier meal substitutes.

Examples include frog leg and squid ink hamburgers along with artisanal beef sliders that are paired with a complementary blend or white or red wine. Other favorites include frozen desserts with a savory twist and gourmet fast food pastries that make one's expensive indulgence worth every penny.