The Idea of Danger and Recklessness Shows its More Feminine Side

 - May 8, 2013
The recent release of the Girls Gone Wild-meets-Virgin Suicides blockbuster 'Spring Breakers' has shaken up society's view of what it means to be a gangster. Up until this point, gang life was associated with men and boys from impoverished areas. Thanks to Harmony Korine's film, the world is accepting the idea of girl gangs.

The film shows four middle class, post-secondary students going to heights of illegality to ensure they have an enjoyable spring break. The ladies rob, cheat, steal and kill, taking full control of their right to party and spiraling into a world of nonexistent morals.

Completely contrary to the old-school view of femininity, this idea of girls as gangsters has leaked into the rest of pop culture, particularly fashion. Ultimately, the girl gangster is a caricature of the modern woman -- independent, fearless and not to be messed with -- who many ladies are looking to portray and are proud to be.