From Impaled Nobleman Confections to Fantasy Book Fragrances

 - May 15, 2012
HBO is known for churning out more than a few controversial and addicting TV series, and these Game of Thrones creations go to show the cultural impact of the network’s kingdom-based success story.

The medieval fantasy series, often as dark as it is magical, has generated a wide following in its fairly short history. Offbeat, suspenseful, and with an almost cult-like obsessive culture, manufacturer’s are ensuring that customers are aware that winter is coming. The violent and dark age setting for the show allows for a great deal of inspiration for spin-off products.

From impaled head cake pops to blood-inspired perfumes, these Game of Thrones creations reflect not only the dark nature of the series, but the love viewers have for the show as well. After all, one does not simply watch Game of Thrones.