From Disco Ball Clothes Cleaners to Undies-Only Washers

 - Jun 23, 2011
I am almost jealous that I won't be young enough to understand how all of these futuristic washing machine concepts work when they're finally released. The washing machine is a relatively new invention that has gotten more advanced as time goes by.

As technologically advanced as many modern washing machines are, many of these futuristic washing machine concepts aren't heavy hitters in the tech field. Instead, they are more efficient and portable, using less water and not taking up so much permanent space. I'll admit that I am a little disappointed at the washing machine concepts created by these designers, but I don't think I'm part of their target demographic; I was hoping for a built-in PlayStation on every appliance come 2020. I guess eco-friendly design and portability outweigh my simple desire to play online games while waiting through the spin cycle.