- May 15, 2011
Summer is on its way, and with it comes a nutrient-packed plethora of produce. These fruit-focused photoshoots portray produce in ways I never thought possible.

Fruit-themed photoshoots are a refreshing way to remind the masses of the scrumptious seasonal bounty available to them. These snapshots are all very vibrant, and often the backgrounds will be white or black. This makes the bright bunches of bananas and baskets of berries stand out even more.

While many of these photos portray static fruits, there are also several that focus on fruits in motion. One example is a photo set that shows citrus snacks splashing in water; another one portrays exploding fruits.

Fruit-themed photoshoots are beautiful and hunger-inducing, and these ones are no exception. These photos are bananas!

These Citrus Snapshots are Sure to Make You Ravenous: