From Affordable Couture Collections to Rose-Colored Glasses

 - Jun 24, 2011
What happens when two iconic innovators, like Versace and H&M, collaborate to create an exclusive design? The result is a mind-blowing merger bringing together two talented individuals with the same mission if only for a limited time frame.

These talented designers share a passion for fashion, art, design, and music; with so much in common, the twosome is sure to create endless amounts of innovations. This is a list of the best collaborations is between fashion designers, celebrities, musicians, actors, and artists.

Some of my favorite collaborations are Versace and H&M designing haute couture merchandise at affordable prices and MYKITA for Japan Franz sunglasses and fashion designer Bernhard Wilheim charitable collaboration helping to aid Japan Relief efforts. Take a look at this list of top brilliant designer collaborations to prep for the Versace and H&M release in November.