From Personified Toast Cushions to Swimming Seafood Pillows

 - Nov 7, 2012
You don't have to be a glutton to enjoy decorating your house with a few food-shaped pillows.

From vegetarian options or carnivorous cushions, there are plenty of varieties to go around. Seafood fans can adorn their rooms with swimming octopus, whole fish or even some delicious sushi and maki rolls while fellow herbivores can have some corn-covered cushions. If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day like mine, there are tons of morning foods like greasy bacon, buttered toast and fried eggs as well. Whatever the craving, one of these soft plush pillows will sooth your face and neck as you lie down thinking about what to make for tonight's dinner. And in case the mind is suffering from a little creative constipation, there are always goofy additions like spewing condiments too.