- May 26, 2012
Nails have turned into one of the best canvases possible for artistic innovation, and these foodie finger finds are a true testament to that fact.

Though an unbelievable number of nail art trends have dominated the scene, the cutest among them are often food-related and appropriately tasty. Though nail polish isn't typically considered the most delectable-smelling product, some of these even integrate a more tempting fragrance into the mix. Often predictably colorful, these lacquer products let users gain a look much more youthful than more serious or edgy polish trends. From nail polish removers all the way to scented polish, a foodie-friendly shift is occurring in the industry.

Bringing some much-welcomed softness into the realm of manicures, these edible-inspired finds make nail art all the more tempting.

From Fish Roe Fingernails to Soda Pop Polish: