From Candy Pillows to Fishy Furnishings

 - Nov 23, 2011
These food-inspired cushions offer their users a delicious reprieve from the hectic world outside.

Food is at the center of every culture. Not only does food supply the body with sustenance, but meals are also an important part of socializing, building memories and forming lasting relationships. Edibles are so beloved that they often serve as inspiration for a multitude of objects that have no business being in a kitchen. These food-inspired cushions demonstrate this preoccupation with all things delicious with such creations as sushi roll throw pillows and sleeping bags that resemble a slice of pizza.

Turn your abode into a candy store of comfort with a pair of confectionery cushions or macaroon loungers. Confuse and delight your guests with nearly true-to-life sweet and savory cushy faux-edibles. With so many tasty culinary cushions to choose from, you'll have no problem locating your favorite dish.

So, sink back into your plush flapjacks and cozy up to a cuddly mushroom, because these food-inspired cushions are simply too yummy to pass up.