- Oct 29, 2013
To always stay fresh and grab consumers’ attention, alcohol brands must do their best to come up with innovative flavors to set them apart from the rest.

The catch with these new tastes is they can either be extremely well-received or strongly disliked. For example, if you’re someone who enjoys sweeter drinks and aren’t a fan of bitter beer, trying a vodka that tastes like a glazed donut or marshmallows might be your ideal new flavor.

For the more adventurous drinkers out there, daring to try something completely out of ordinary could actually turn out to be a good idea. For instance, you and your friends could see who’d be able to drink jalapeno vodka without needing a glass of milk to calm your tongue right after! Further, something that may actually taste surprisingly delicious would be peanut butter and jam vodka or even a bacon-flavored liqueur. 

Brands who are willing to step outside their comfort zones and try new innovative alcohol flavors will definitely stick in people’s minds.

From Ice Cream Flavored Vodka to Baked Sweet Liqueurs: