From Broken Glass Fashion Ads to Femme Fatale Fashiontography

 - Feb 23, 2012
These captivating film noir-inspired shoots transport you into a world of stylish shadows and dangerous gun-toting women. Femme fatales, intrigue and fabulous trench coats dominate these startling photographs. Filled with unease mixed with a quiet sensuality, these moody images are hopelessly alluring.

From deliciously retro lingerie captures to sultry curves painted in seductive shadow, these film noir-inspired shoots are sure to have you purring. For those who've always had a soft spot for the likes of Bogie and Marlene Dietrich, you're sure to love these sexy, shaded snaps. Enough to make you wish you'd seen a different time, these film noir-inspired shoots are simply stunning.

Mysterious, sensual and shrouded in shadow, these film noir shoots celebrate an important high note in the history of classic cinema.