These Looks Capture Attention and Hold It

 - Jun 25, 2012
As these Fiasco Magazine Editorials show, edgy, even naughty looks can be pulled off tastefully.

Often magazines will aim to be sensational simply for effect. With Fiasco, however, each editorial has an overarching theme and consistency within that theme. The photographers, stylists, directors and editors responsible for such editorials seek to realize a concept faithfully rather than simply catch a potential reader's eye with some risque but vapid cover. This is not to say that Fiasco doesn't want to grab people's attention -- quite the opposite, in fact.

Through their edgy but well-produced editorials, Fiasco magazine is able to strike a potential readers fancy and draw them in long enough to actually read the magazine. Though punchy headlines and striking imagery can get someone to click a link or open a page, if the content is appealing, many won't bother with the rest of the publication.