From Luxury Voucher Sweaters to Famous Designer-Inspired Timepieces

 - Dec 5, 2013
Buying gifts for your fashion forward friends can be difficult, that’s why we compiled a list of fashionable gifts to give your favorite fashionista. Buying something for a trend setter is hard because they always know what’s in and what’s out. With this helpful list of fashionable gifts you’ll know exactly what to get so that you aren’t the next thing they deem un-trendy.

Not only can you get fashionable girl or guy clothes, like a floral leather jacket or a label laden tee, you could also get them accessories or something that speaks to their cult knowledge of all that goes down on the runway.

If you’re afraid you wont get the size right, you could always get a clock shaped like famous designer Karl Lagerfeld (or Uncle Karl as those in the know call him).