From Sweet Cinnamon Bun Pies to Fall-Infused Meringue Pies

 - Aug 28, 2014
Rather than going for a traditional apple or pumpkin pie recipe, these fall pie recipes remix these classics in creative ways. These recipes range from full-size pies to miniature hand pies and mason jar pies, and any of these would be right at home on a Thanksgiving dinner after a hearty feast to provide just the right amount of indulgence.

Some of the best sweet and spiced ingredients that appear again and again in fall desserts include seasonal favorites like cinnamon, apple and pumpkin, or even pretzels, since they often remind people of Oktoberfest and fall festivals. Although something like a fresh, citrusy meringue pie is typically associated with the heat of the summer months, even a recipe like this can be infused with pumpkin to be made appropriate for fall tables.