From Superheroic Eye Shadows to Neon Eye Shadow Editorials

 - May 31, 2013
As all glamorous girls know, colorful eye shadows can make or break any look. Dark, vibrant shades create bold, confident looks. Lighter, softer shades create more natural and flirty looks. These imaginative eye shadow editorials cover all cosmetic basics, regardless of what look you're going for.

Some of these electric eye shadow editorials show off superhero-themed eye makeup styles and one is even Pokemon inspired. One of these awesome cosmetic editorials is Disney themed. Looks like these are bound to turn some heads.

The kaleidoscope eye shadow editorial shows off brilliant eye make-up that includes almost all the colors of the rainbow. These awesome eye shadow innovations are bold, eccentric and attention grabbing. After looking through these eye-focused editorials, ladies will be inspired to get a little more daring with their evening eye shadow selections.