- Aug 18, 2011
It's often wrongly assumed that organic foods automatically go hand in hand with socially conscious products, but these ethical health food products have the best of both worlds. From kindaholic nutrition bars to fair trade dried goods and all-organic nutrition drinks, these products will give you a boost in vitamins and a boost in human spirit.

Even if you think you're at the top of your health game, you can always improve in one way or another -- whether that means adding a multivitamin to your daily regime or strapping on your old runners and going for a jog around your 'hood. These ethical health food products adhere to the triple bottom line of financial, social and environment. In the end, what's healthy for you can also have positive impacts on social change and combatting malnutrition around the world.

From Kindaholic Nutrition Bars to Fair Trade Dried Goods: