KIND Snacks Wants You to Pay it Forward with Kindness

 - Oct 8, 2009
References: kinded & springwise
Being nice will most likely get you farther in life than if you are all sour grapes all the time. To perpetuate "random acts of kindness," according to Springwise, New York-based KIND Snacks has launched the KINDED movement in which cards are used to remind people to be kind.

KIND Snacks encourages people to perform unexpected kind acts for others to initiate a type of pay-it-forward system. First, a person gets a card by following instructions on the KINDED website. Then, they perform a kind act for another person and when they do, they simply pass on their card to the recipient. The card says "You’ve Been KINDED" and encourages the recipient to pass on the kindness. What is really cool is that each card can be tracked online through a unique code; therefore, you can track how far your chain of kindness travels.