Innovative Items in the Form of a Meal Time Favorite

 - Oct 21, 2009   Updated: Jun 23 2011
The egg is a symbol of fertility, creation and new life and these egg-shaped creations certainly do bring a renewed sense of vigor to one of our favorite breakfast foods. Some of these variations are simply decorated, fanciful embryos while others are a little trickier. Everything from pleasure toys to seating solutions can be found to make use of the eye-pleasing oblong shape of an egg.

Implications - Food and art are two industries with a strong relationship to one another; hence the rise of the term Culinary Art. Food presentation is one of the many ways that chefs can express their creativity, but the fruitful relationship between taste and sight is not one-way. Certain timeless food staples such as fruits and eggs inspire classic works of art and traditions. Consumers look for art that is inspired by things they know and experience in their everyday lives, so the use of these familiar staples to create works is a fruitful one for artists.