BeepEgg Plays Different Songs As Eggs Cook So You Know When They're Done

 - Mar 14, 2009
References: ubergizmo
For most of us, boiling an egg is quite straight forward, although I must confess it’s not something I do frequently. For those of us who are gastronomically challenged, consider the BeepEgg.

The BeepEgg plays selected tunes to denote what stage of hardness the egg is at while in boiling water.

For example, it plays "Killing Me Softly" when soft boiled, and two other tunes when medium and hard boiled. The egg stops playing music once immersed in cold water.

Checkout the video for a working demo of the BeepEgg.

Although this is considered a bit of gimmick, it could be a very practical device for those of use who are vision impaired, or have a short term memory!