From Creepy Fashion Duos to Mysteriously Dark Lookbooks

 - Nov 7, 2010   Updated: May 27 2011
Although the scary October holiday is over, you can still get into the creepy mood of Halloween with these featured eerie photography shoots.

Get spooked looking through these intriguing editorials, ranging from an odd mouthless photo series to homicidal photo spreads. If you feel like getting creeped out, be sure to browse through all these eerie photography shoots here. You've been warned!

Implications - Thanks to the gritty state of superhero films and the popularity of horror revamps, it's no surprise that brands are going with darker imagery. The use of macabre themes has appealed to a wide demographic who wants something a little more dangerous and controversial in their lives. It's an appealing concept for brands who can try to inject a bit of a devilish personality into products.