From Cocoa Carbonite-Covered Snacks to Evil Star Wars Confections

 - Feb 12, 2013
This collection of edible Star Wars creations range from sugary to healthy, but all exude a certain sci-fi flair that will enchant anyone who encounters them. Because of the invasive nature of the epic film franchise, these creations come as no surprise due to it being the last area that has been untouched by a little sci-fi influence.

Those who like Star Wars truly put the 'fan' in 'fanatic', so it's no wonder that they would extend their love for the franchise into the confection market. There are numerous cakes that are shaped to resemble favorite characters as well as various cookie designs that really take things to a whole other level. Edible Star Wars confections shouldn't come as a surprise because what better way to show your sci-fi prowess than by baking a Millennium Falcon cake?