- Oct 12, 2012
These edible nail polish products introduce a series of sweet and savory flavors to the cosmetic niche. Upscale brands like OPI, Ciate and Estee Lauder have revamped their marketing approaches, establishing breakout ways to attract the attention of its busy consumer base.

Fish roe fingernail manicures and minty nail lacquers are only a couple of the products that have been popping up on drugstore shelves. The display of fruity or dessert-flavored pictures is welcoming for buyers in search new looks, giving way to a range of takes on the budding commercial concept.

Related merchandise such as polish removers have also been revamped with chocolate and vanilla flavors. This has been especially welcomed by women who despise the pungent alcohol-based scent.

From Fish Roe Fingernails to Minty Nail Lacquers: