From Waterproof Keyboards to Eddie Van Halen's 'Wolfgang' Guitar

 - Feb 5, 2009   Updated: Apr 28 2011
This cluster on indestructible innovation was inspired by Eddie Van Halen's supposedly 'indestructible' Wolfgang guitar, but expands into a huge range of other trends.

The featured inventions in the following slide show include anger-proof alarm clocks, bulletproof bathtubs and baby carriages, dishwasher safe remote controls and shatterproof glass speakers.

Let's kick it off with Eddie Van Halen's guitar!

Implications - Eddie Van Halen's 'Wolfgang' guitar was inspired and named after the famous guitarist's son, but sentimentality is not the focus of the inventions in this collection. If you're ever in need of a baby stroller that is bulletproof, however, you'll never need to wonder if they exist after checking this article out.