- May 31, 2019
These eco transportation advancements include vehicles and aircrafts that promote sustainability. As pressures from climate change mount, companies are looking at designs to lessen impacts. Transportation is a central issue for environmental concerns and increasingly consumers are interested in environmentally conscious transportation. As consumer demand increases, so does innovation from transportation companies to meet this demand.

Ferrari is showing interest in eco transportation with the unveiling of its 'SF90' model, which is a hybrid performance car. According to the brand, the car can even reach the top speeds of other Ferrari models. As the technology for hybrid cars gets better, performance cars will be better able to integrate the technology.

As eco transportation advancements continue, there will be more electric cars on the road. The use of eHighways, like the one in Germany named 'ELISA,' can potentially charge electric vehicles as they drive.

Other eco transportation designs include the use of air travel. The 'Macchina Volantis' is an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVOLT). It is a hybrid-powered three-wheel plane, that can hold up to five passengers.

From Hybrid Ferraris to Electric Take-Off and Landing Vehicles: