- Jul 13, 2013
If you happen to have a whole collection of scarves around the house and don't quite know what to do with them, then these fun DIY scarf projects will give you some great tip on how to recycle these chic accessory items.

The cost of purchasing new pieces of clothing from the mall can add up very quickly if you aren't careful, which is why creating some yourself from items you most likely already have is a great cost-effective alternative. Since most people have scarves lying around their closets, why not put them to good use and transform them into brand new accessory pieces?

From activities that showcase how to turn a chic scarf into a summer headband to those that transform silk shawls into adorable shorts, these DIY scarf projects will certainly keep you busy with their creative techniques.

From Upcycled Scarf Headbands to Customizable Strappy Sandals: