- Apr 30, 2014
Any fashionista looking to add some handcrafted touches to their everyday wardrobe is in luck, because these DIY hat activities are offering up some handy tips on how to add some personalized touches to these practical accessories.

Whether it's summer, spring or winter, hats offer up a chic, yet practical way to shield or protect your head from the sun or winter air. These DIY activities allow arts and crafts enthusiasts to put their imagination to good use by adding eclectic accents and customized features to traditionally mundane accessories. From projects that showcase how to add distinct monograms to fedoras to those that are customized with heartfelt touches for sentimental occasions, these DIY hat activities will definitely add a splash of originality to any ordinary ensemble.

From Chic DIY Monogram Hats to Colorfully Accented Straw Hats: