- Feb 2, 2011   Updated: May 26 2011
Dismembered design seems to be everywhere from advertising to apparel. Perhaps it's the Dexter-encouraged wave of murder fascination, or maybe a macabre sense of blood lust brought on by the hit series Walking Dead.

Regardless, dismembered design is becoming its own art form. From decapitated pig portraits to headless tea sets, these dismembered design pieces are sure to freak you out.

Implications - Society has become more tolerable with horror imagery in movies and in artwork. The entertainment industry has transitioned into making more gritty, raw movies which has consumers wanting an insight into the dark side of life. The allure of macabre imagery is a frightful sight that has removed restraint from designers and brands looking to inject some life into a product that is no longer restrained by censorship.

Gory Art and Advertisements to Make you Squeamish: