These Different Perfume Scents Range from Scrumptious to Gross

 - Jan 10, 2013
Locating different perfume scents is a bit difficult, but this collection of food-scented fragrances are sure to be interesting finishing touches that will either make friends hungry or a little grossed out. While many use cologne, perfume and candles to cover up the smell of food, these fragrances embrace the essence of edibles by interpreting the odour of some of the most popular eats.

Pizza cologne, sugar plum perfume and sushi cologne are just a few of the food-scented sprays that you'll find here that try hard to emulate the aromatic experience of eating your favorite food. As seen with the Pizza Hut cologne and Burger King perfume, fast food chains use the fragrances as a marketing technique that is meant to a be tongue-in-cheek, but nonetheless still fantastic.