29 Quirky Gadgets To Jazz Up Your Desktop

 - Jan 24, 2009   Updated: Aug 3 2011
Whether your desktop is a crummy cubicle, a swank corner office or a quiet area in your home, no tabletop should be left un-gadgetized. After clicking through the plethora of random mini office gadgets below, suddenly the standard desktop organizer seems so bland and uninspiring.

These desktop gadgets below are great choices to kill time during a phone call or to annoy your coworkers. Wasting time just got a whole lot nerdier.

Implications - Consumers often buy products to decorate their workspace because they want to differentiate their personal area from their peers. They also want to make their workspaces more comforting as office decor can be quite dull and doesn't always stimulate creativity. Corporations looking for new products to sell may consider a line of office table adornments.