These Stapler Desk Supplies are Perfect for Back-to-School

 - Aug 18, 2013
Getting ready to go back to school can be a tiresome chore, but everyone needs to take the time to stock up on the basic desk supplies to get them through the working year. Among the traditional office essentials is one of the most used items found on any desk: the stapler. These creative stapler designs will help you to find the perfect stapler for your lifestyle, personality and desk.

These clever stapler designs abandon traditional rectangular shape for more innovative silhouettes and shapes. Many of these staplers keep the functionality of a traditional stapler while simultaneously offering a more appealing visual design concept. If you like fashion why not grab a high heel-inspired stapler that looks like a stiletto shoe? Or, if you like animals, maybe the stapler designed like a smiling puppy is more up your alley. Whatever your interests may be, this year find a stapler that is perfect for your desk.