From Retro Glam Themed Parlors to Spaceship Haircutting

 - Jul 6, 2010   Updated: Apr 3 2011
From the vintage glam 'Pimps & Pinups' hair salon in NYC to Salon Moxie showcasing art exhibits while giving haircuts, these salons are definitely on the cutting edge of hairstyling.

Whether they draw you in with neat architecture, funny gimmicks or out-there styling techniques, these trendy hair salons are sure to liven up your hairdo (and your life).

Implications - Today's consumer is not just looking for a service, they're looking for a holistic experience that is enjoyable, exciting and of high quality. Thus, restaurants, hotels and hair salons are adding an unconventional twist to their venues, adding a unique selling point to what their offering that is unparalleled by their predecessors.