From Contemporary Liquified Candelabras to Festive Wine Stoppers

 - Dec 11, 2011
The holiday season has arrived and it's time to bust out the candles, a pair of cute candle holders and deck the dining room table in fancy festive attire. But if you're feeling like your holders are a little past their prime, take heart, because there are an ample amount of fresh and innovative designs sure to tickle your fancy.

From minimalist geometric designs to nerdy duos, candle holders have come a long way. Sumptuous sinewy candelabras will leave you gasping for air, clever and resourceful upcycled candle cups are sure to make a statement. Regardless of your taste or background, their is a candle holder out there that you're liable to fall head over heels in love with. Pull out the matches and fit your fabulous candles snugly into their suave stabilizers and talk the night away with good company and a good bottle of wine.

Light up the night in style with any one of these cute candle holders on your lavish table.