From Crucifix Clutches to Bedazzled Crucifix Crewneck Sweaters

 - Jun 22, 2011
The crucifix is one of the most recognized symbols around the world, so it comes as no surprise that the religious moniker has conjured up some nifty crucifix-inspired creations. From crucifix flash drives to superhero crucifixion wall adornments, these pieces prove that people just can't get enough of the holy Christian cross.

The crucifix is most popularly reimagined into various articles of jewelry, but it's also finding its way into fashion apparel as adornments for clutch purses as well as crewneck sweaters. Even furniture makers are pumping out some certified crucifix-inspired creations, as there are crucifix tables as well as crucifix chairs and lounge seats. The most peculiar of the bunch of crucifix-inspired creations though has got to be the Messiah Pod, which is a cross-shaped music player similar to Apple's iPod.