35 Of The World's Most Expensive Objects

 - Oct 2, 2008   Updated: Jun 22 2011
I am bored to tears of hearing of credit crunch woes. To rebel, here are 35 things to metaphorically flip off the bleak times ahead.

Just a small catch - you have to be seriously wealthy as this includes $47,000 bathtubs, a $10,000 magazine, $1.3 million jeans and $934,000 dolls. This is shopping for the very, very rich. But who says you can't have fun window shopping online?

Implications - Due to the recent recession, consumers have been money-conscious and unwilling to splurge on expensive purchases for quite some time. However, now that some have recovered financially, they crave extravagant products that will allow them to add some luxury to their lifestyle. Companies can appeal to financially stable demographics by producing goods that are extravagant for their high-quality materials.