- Dec 18, 2011
Christmas is a time for expressing happy feelings, which is why these creative Christmas cards are a lovely way to proclaim emotions. Christmas cards can be funny and adorable, and it's always a nice surprise to get one in mail, especially if it comes from far away.

These greeting cards are usually funny and playful. For instance, pets dressed up as Santa Claus, or Santa himself in the middle of a comical situation. Now with technology, e-cards are an easy and fast way to wish a merry Christmas to those who are at a far distance. Also, for the creative minds, DIY cards make for an original gift, as each card has a personal stamp.

These creative Christmas cards help to keep the holiday spirit alive as they're all about love, happiness and good wishes. Check out this adorable gallery for ideas on how to make Christmas a memorable time for you and your loved ones.

From Festive Pet Greetings to Mechanical Greeting Cards: