Eco-Friendly Holiday Cards

 - Nov 5, 2007
So, you're committed to being eco-friendly, but still have a few uncertainties about greening certain customs, such as what the least environmentally detrimental Christmas card is. You don't want to come off as lazy, unthoughtful or worse, a Grinch, but you find most e-greetings horrendously tacky.

Either way, friends will understand, but its business relations you have to worry about; skipping on corporate greeting cards is not the best networking approach. The good news is, you can go Grinch-green without the bah-humbug or the kitsch.

Grist suggests you "improve the eco-ness of paper holiday cards" by making a few changes. The first is using paper "high in post-consumer recycled content. You should be easily able to get 30 percent post-consumer content, if not 100 percent," Grist said.

"If we support paper recycling by purposefully purchasing post-consumer products, we help close the circle and cut down on cutting down trees."

Still not perfect, so another suggestion is to reduce size, either by sending smaller ones or skipping the envelope and sending a postcard. They suggest checking out local recycling directories. "Most major paper manufacturers carry post-consumer products, too, so you are not going to have to look far."