- Oct 1, 2009   Updated: Aug 8 2011
Everyone wants to be a superhero -- at least this trend hunter does (I would have a giant G emblazoned across my cape and chest and throw out miniature ‘G’ ninja stars at all my enemies). Anyway, what is the fastest way to become like your favorite crime fighter? Start shopping for some creative capes.

From quilted capelets to crayola capes, check out all that is heroic in creative capes and capelets.

Implications - Consumers are looking for ways to stand out with their purchases. Designs that are bold and make a statement are appealing to shoppers who want to differentiate themselves from others. Companies could focus on this when coming out with their newest items for the market.

Superhero Neckwear from Quilted Capelets to Crayola Capes: