From Spiked Steel Cupholders to Facial Hair Containers

 - Aug 29, 2012
Prevent your booze from getting warm with these creative beer koozies that are perfect for beer lovers. These beer insulators range from hobo-chic holders to bathroom-theme covers to facial hair containers and even dirt-covered drink carriers.

Many companies promote these beer koozies as marketing strategies to dress up bottles in style, but these insulators really are effective. Companies can plaster their logos across the front of the covers, which are made from foam, polyester and neoprene, and they are the perfect fit for 40 oz. bottles.

These covers will make your beer bottle stand out at a party, and they’ll ensure sure that you won’t lose your drink. These insulating covers are simple inventions that will keep your beer bottle cold, recognizable and your hand warm at the same time.