A Skateshop in NYC Makes the KCDC Can Cover Ready for Alcohol Concealment

 - May 20, 2011
References: kcdcskateshop & coolhunting
Drinking in public is illegal in most places, so the KCDC Can Cover would come in handy if you ever feel the need to let off some steam in the stress of midday. Resembling a popular drink sold widely in many stores, the alcohol cover will definitely leave no one suspicious of what you're drinking.

The KCDC Can Cover looks like the popular drink Arizona Iced Tea, and only very close inspection would lead to further investigation. Made by the skateshop KCDC, the cover has been remodeled with skateboard wheels instead of cherry blossoms and instead of listing the ingredients, there are skateboard facts.

Made specifically for cans of beer, the KCDC Can Cover is perfect for drinkers around the world who just need a little break (regardless of what time it is).